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Stylish Wedding Decor

Deluxe White Canopy / Chuppah


Triangle Arch

$65.00  available in white only

Circle Arch

$65.00 - Gold

7.2ft Diameter -

Heptagonal Wooden arch

$75.00 Perfect for your Rustic Wedding - 7ft

Wooden chuppah

$75.00 ea set

White Lattice arch


Black Wrought Iron Arch


White Gazebo


7inch tall x 16inch wide Light up LOVE sign

Copper, Gold & White 

Perfect Engagement or Wedding Prop


8inch tall x 17inch wide Light up LOVE sign

"Rusty Bronze" - $6.50


40" high - $18.00 each
72" high - $25.00 each

Bird Cage - Card Holder

Bird Cages can be used as beautiful center pieces for your table or placed on your gift table to hold cards.
15" Bird Cage - $10.0019" Bird Cage - $15.00

Rustic Cake Stand


Natural Wine Barrel


Dark Wine Barrel


Wire Wooden Spool


Light up "I Do" sign

7 ft Tall Rustic wood with rope lights 

Rental Price: $125.00

(requires 3 extension cords)

Wedding arches are a quintessential emblem of love and unity, providing an enchanting focal point for the nuptial vows. Standing as gateways to new beginnings, these structural pieces are often swathed in lush foliage, resplendent florals, billowing fabrics, or even whimsical fairy lights to evoke an air of romance. Whether the style is elegantly simplistic, bohemian-chic, or ornately baroque, an arch can be tailored to mirror the couple's aesthetic and theme.

The decor extends to complement the arch, with aisle runners, chair adornments, and centerpieces harmonizing to create a cohesive atmosphere. Sequins, lanterns, and intricate patterns may adorn surfaces, while personalized touches imbue the space with intimacy. Together, the arch and decor infuse the wedding with visual poetry, making every moment picture-perfect.

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