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Are you planning a party or gathering where little guests are expected?

Children's Chiavari chairs - plastic


Children's folding chair


Children's resin padded folding chair


Kids 6' and 8' long tables

6' - $10.00    
8' - $11.00

Kids 48" round table


Children's plastic picnic bench

Seats 4 to 6 (ages 3-8)


Children's wood picnic bench

We offer two sizes, both fit up to 4 kids (up to age 4). One is just a little larger.

Small Bench: $12.50
Larger Bench: $15.00

Popcorn machine

Rental Price: Table top: $65.00

w/ Cart: $90.00

Kids pink raffia umbrella


Kids fruitwood high chair


Natural high chair


Kids peacock chair

Rents for $60 

Make it a comfortable and kid-friendly affair by renting children's chairs, high chairs, and kids' tables! Our rentals cater specifically to young attendees, ensuring they have a secure and appropriately sized place to sit, eat, and engage in activities.

Our range of children's chairs and high tables are designed to suit various themes, from colorful and playful options for birthday celebrations to more elegant styles for formal events.

Not only do our high chairs keep the youngest ones safe during mealtime, but our kids' tables also provide the perfect space for crafting, dining, or playing games. Don't overlook the importance of proper seating for children; it prevents spills, facilitates better eating habits, and keeps the little ones happily occupied. With our easy rental process, you can provide mini-sized comfort at your next event!

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