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Rental Tables in Various Shapes or Forms

24 inch Cocktail Table (tall boy)

Rental Price: $9.00

30 & 36 inch cocktail table (tall boys)

30 inch Cocktail Table:
Rental Price: $10.00
36 inch Cocktail Table:
Rental Price: $11.00

See linens tab for linen sizes and pricing

24, 30, and 36 inch standard round tables (short boys)

24", 30" and 36" round tables can be great when you need to display a small item. Can be great used as a small cake table.  When used as a cake table no additional room is available for the display of your flatware and/or china.
Perfect for dinner for two or a guest book table.
30" and 36" tables stand 30" high
30" tables seat 2 people
36" tables seat 2 to 4 people

24" Table - Rental Price: $8.50
30" Table - Rental Price: $9.50
36" Table - Rental Price: $10.50

48inch Round Table

48" round table is perfect when you would like to create a more intimate setting. Or they can be used as the perfect Cake Table(s) - Appropriate size depends on size of cake, whether you’ll also have a groom’s cake, and whether you’ll display both cakes on the same or separate tables. 48-inch round usually works well. Seats 6-7 people

Full drape linen = 108" round

3/4 drape linen = 90" round

Rental Price: 9.50

60inch Round Table (with umbrella hole)

By far our most popular table for sit down dinners, outdoor occasions and special events. Seats 8 to 10 people.

Full drape linen = 120" round

3/4 drape linen = 108" round

1/2 drape linen = 90" round

Rental Price: $10.00

72inch Round Table

72" round table is perfect for weddings and larger events. Our 72" round tables seat 10-12 people with plenty of room leftover for center pieces, charger plates and glass ware. 

Full drape linen = 132" round

3/4 drape linen = 120" round

1/2 drape linen = 108" round

Rental Price $12.00 each

4 Ft Banquet Table

4' x 30" - seats 4 comfortably

Rental Price: $8.00

6 Ft Banquet Table

6' x 30" - seats 6 comfortably
Rental Sale Price: $9.00

8 Ft Banquet Table

8' x 30" - seats 8 comfortably
Rental Price: $10.00

Wood Farm Table

Perfect for a Sweetheart Table (No Set up fee required)

6 ft., (Seats 6-8)

Only one in Stock!!


Bamboo glass table

 48" round (seats 4) 

Great for that "Boho" look 

Table Rental Price: $75.00 ea
Chair rental price: $20.00 ea

Reclaimed Wood Farm Tables

8 ft., (Seats 8-10)

$115.00 ea.

Wood farm table

Perfect for a Sweetheart Table (No Set up fee required) 6 ft., (Seats 6-8) Only one in Stock!!


3' Card Table

Resin white square top table with foldable legs


Kids Picnic Tables

$5.00 to $7.00

Serpentine tables


Kids tables

$10.00 to $11.00

Table rentals offer a convenient solution for hosting events large or small, be it a wedding, banquet, corporate gathering, or backyard party. We provide an array of options, including various sizes, shapes, and styles, from elegant round tables to practical rectangular ones, ensuring that each event has the ideal setup for guests to dine, converse, or collaborate.

We will deliver and set up the tables before the event and remove them afterward, alleviating stress and allowing hosts to focus on other aspects of their event planning. Additionally, renting tables is cost-effective and environmentally friendly, removing the need to purchase tables that may see infrequent use. Whether you're looking for classic wooden tables, sleek modern designs, or tables with built-in conveniences like umbrellas for outdoor use, our company can cater to every need and occasion.

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