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Lightning for the Perfect Ambiance

7ft lamp post

Rental Price: $45.00

String lighting / bistro lighting

Rental Price:

100 ft (50 sockets) = $80.00 ea.
50 ft (25 sockets) = $45.00 ea.

String lighting / market lighting

Rental Price:

50 ft (25 sockets) = $45.00 ea.

String lighting / mini bulb lighting

Rental Price: 

25 ft  = $15.00 ea

String lighting / Christmas style lighting

Rental Price:

20 ft  = $6.00 ea.

String lighting / Christmas style lighting

Rental Price: 

16 ft = $6.00 ea.
35 ft = $10.50 ea

Par can lighting LED


Rental Price $30.00 ea

Globe lights

Small Globe lighting 50 ft white

Rental Price - $30.00 ea

We are your go-to destination for all event lighting needs. From grand galas to intimate gatherings, our extensive selection of lighting solutions ensures that your venue is bathed in the perfect ambiance. Meanwhile, bistro lightning is a favorite for those seeking a warm, inviting atmosphere, reminiscent of a cozy French café. With its subtle glow, it casts an enchanting spell over dinners and small receptions.

Par can lightning offers robust illumination, key for on-stage performances. Its directional light can be adjusted for intensity, making it a versatile choice for occasions requiring dramatic effects. Lastly, string lightning adds a whimsical touch to any setting. Whether strung up in a garden for a magical evening event or twined around a banquet hall, these tiny, twinkling lights create a starlit effect that captivates and delights.

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